Eat, drink, (have sex) and be merry before baby arrives?

After months of religiously checking (it became like an addiction to see how many days were left until the wedding and how much time I had left to plan), I somehow inadvertently signed up for updates from (the website that takes you from planning a wedding to then planning dinner parties that you seem obligated to have now that you are a married couple). Not quite sure how this happened, but I have been too lazy to go into their website and “unsubscribe.”  However, the last email that I got from them with the title “15 things to do BEFORE you have kids” caught my eye, and instead of unsubscribing I went in to the site to check it out. Huh, I thought.  This could actually be interesting.  After all, now that I am married and SHL and I want kids at some point, someday this list could actually pertain to me.

All I can say is that I find it hysterical that next to each post about what couples should try to accomplish before they have kids was an ad asking if the reader (me) had tried the “Baby Morpher” yet.  I had no idea what this was, but apparently you can put in your photo and your future baby daddy’s photo and see what your little bambino will look like.  Not only do I find this kind of creepy (shouldn’t some things be left for the delivery room?), but I also found it ironic that as I was reading about the author’s suggestions to drink booze with friends, have sex anywhere and everywhere, get a white couch (I guess this is a big no-no once you have kids) and take a career risk, I was also being asked (and encouraged) to think about what my baby will look like.  Apparently it will look like the devil if after kids I can never drink, have sex, see friends, or wear/have anything white in the house ever again.

So I’m asking you to weigh in:  Of course having a baby changes everything, and though I poke fun a bit at the article mentioned above, I actually can’t wait to hopefully have my life turned upside down someday by little ones (that’s right honey, plural!).  So given that these suggestions that the article offered probably aren’t half bad ones (I begrudgingly admit), and it becomes very difficult to have date nights and time alone in the bathroom (another point in the article), how do you Mom’s out there handle this new chapter?   How did having kids, honestly, change you?


One thought on “Eat, drink, (have sex) and be merry before baby arrives?

  1. I’ve been wanting to write something articulate and insightful about this post, but alas, my brain is mush. Two babies does that to a mom. And I guess there is one point I could make – yes do eat and drink and have lots of you know what, because things DO change for a while. But it doesn’t have to be permanent. I’ve also realized that a few other random things: Raising kids is FUN. Seriously, we laugh a lot together and enjoy being a family. Enjoy it, instead of dreading those early years with kids. You will never have enough sleep, it’s true. And there are too many challenges to list. BUT, you created these beautiful wonderful things as a couple–it’s pretty cool. Enjoy your children and try to remain the funny, fabulous person you are after you have children.

    But couple time is HUGELY important, and you can’t feel guilty about that–dates out are important, as are nights out with other couples. Alone time is also crucial–I can’t say I get much of it, but when I do, I make it count. I think people think their life is completely over after kids–life CHANGES–and it’s not easy at all, but I think if you go into the next phase of your life hopeful, excited, and aware that things will be different (but that’s ok) you’ll be on the right road. I’m slightly delirious and I know that I’ve rambled : )


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