Looking back…

With a weekend spent contemplating where I’ve been in my life and where I would like to go, I thought I would share with you the plan that I had for writing a memoir before I turned 30.  This was a post on my previous blog Almost30, written on October 24th, 2006.  What happened to these memoir ideas you may be wondering?  Well throughout the years they have lingered and then dissipated, and then resurfaced and then disappeared.  The ebb and flow of writing, life, writer’s block, and feeling as though “What’s it all for?”  Perhaps now, though, the ideas are here to stay, though my story is different and my perspective, I hope, has matured.  Here is a snippet of what I thought I could shape into a memoir, someday. 

 Would you read it?

I’m currently in the middle of trying to pick a title for what I hope will be my memoir!  Exciting stuff, so I wanted to share what I have so far.  I recently took a writing class where I had to really think about my “angle” and capturing a reader’s attention.  I’ve found that the (emotional) pain of losing my eyelashes to cancer and of letting go of an unhealthy relationship is what seems to be at the forefront of my mind when it comes to my story.  So here goes…

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Eyelashes: An Almost 30’s Guide to Life, Love, and Cancer

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Eyelashes: Battling Cancer and Dating While Keeping A Sense of Humor

Almost 30: How I battled being second best to ESPN and Other Tales

Letting Go to Find Myself: How I Battled Being An Almost 30 Year Old Single Woman With Cancer

Don’t Cry For Me ESPN:  Finding Myself Before The Age of 30

Cancer Took My Eyelashes But ESPN Stole My Man

Any thoughts?

Here is how I would summarize my writing:

This is the story of a 20-something year old fearing her 30’s, skillfully avoiding intimacy while craving soulful companionship.  It’s about being loved less than the game of tennis, and trying to survive cancer even when the prognosis for your health is good– and the prognosis for your life is going downhill.  It’s about fighting your innermost demons while trying to keep a sense of humor, and about dodging Jewish guilt from Mom and Dad while trying to find your own sense of self.  It’s about staying true to yourself even when others push you to your limits, and facing your own mortality before the ripe old age of 30. 

It’s a memoir full of struggles and accomplishments throughout what feels like a lifetime, though I am not even 30 yet.  It’s about going to college far from home to find a sense of independence and adventure, and moving to New York City as an unemployed and utterly lost 22-year-old.  It’s about living and working in New York City and documenting the ups and downs of life, finding a humorous way of looking at things because really, there is no other choice.  It’s about living through awful jobs with bosses who make you cry, finding a fulfilling career, ending a 5 year relationship, being single in the city, learning to travel solo, and being diagnosed with eye cancer at the age of 28. 

These bits and pieces of my life are filled with honest and funny tales that all can relate to, men and women alike.  It’s about friendships, struggles with self-identity, and living and dating while battling cancer.  In this book I come to find myself, to understand that my appreciation for humor and my ability to laugh at myself has seen me through some pretty tough times.  It is in being totally candid that I weave a story that is universal, engaging readers of all kinds while finding a unique perspective on life. 

Would you read it?

October 24, 2006


2 thoughts on “Looking back…

  1. I love it! I would read it. :) xo Your blogs are great so I am sure your book would be amazing-honest, and humurous- not easy to do. But your struggles are some that most can relate to. I think it would be a read for everyone! I support you – do it!! as for a title, you can play with that when the book is done ;)


  2. I love the second title– “don’t cry….” is so clever and funny. Your ideas for the book are very relevant for people (especially women, I think) today and I think a lot of people will be able to relate to these topics…..great ideas, Sam!


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