Another article on BK (Before Kids)

The Nest is at it again.  Remember that post a while back on their essential things to do before you have a baby?  Well now they’ve come out with yet another “you should” article entitled “6 Places to go Before You Have Kids.”  Hey, I’m as a big of a fan as anybody as living in the moment, but this is getting ridiculous.  Not only do I now have to gulp down margaritas galore while I still can and have a lot of sex (wait, that’s a bad thing?), but I have to go to Uruguay too apparently.  Wow, if I listen to the my to-do list is surely going to continue to grow!

This article didn’t make me feel good, I have to admit.  Probably because travel is the biggest passion in my life and brings me the greatest joy, and I envision someday strapping my kids to my back and gallivanting around as if nothing has changed (delusional, I know!).  My parents passed on their love of seeing the world to me, and together we’ve traveled to places like Finland, France, Iceland, Belize, Peru, Jackson Hole Wyoming and Bermuda. Each and every trip brought me something new, whether it be a tangible object like my favorite Coca-Cola glass bottle from Russia (the USSR when I was there in ’86), or something memorable and yummy like the best breakfast I ever had on the Amalfi Coast.  And then, when I was old enough to travel myself it was to backpack in Europe with a friend, go to Greece for a girl’s trip, branch out and travel solo in Italy, and take honeymoons with SHL in Hawaii and Africa.  People always ask me how I make it to such extravagant and far-away destinations, and the truth?  1) I’m very, very lucky.  And 2) I make it happen because traveling to me is how I rejuvenate and how I get to my “happy place.”  (The happy place being wherever I am lucky enough to go).  Some people find the most joy in their own backyards.  I love home but truly, I live by Miriam Beardeing’s words: “Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.”

So perhaps you can understand how I don’t want to envision a time when I won’t be able to go somewhere.  I know, I know, it doesn’t have to be forever (“When the kids get older, when you have more money, when you can get more vacation time, when when when”).  Though I have a feeling that if and when we’re lucky enough to be blessed with a family this won’t matter quite as much, right now I’m going to keep the fantasy going that my kids will be standing on the Great Wall of China when they’re about 5 years old!

With that being said, here are The Nest’s recommendations for where we newly married gals should go before we have kiddos, if we so choose (not going to assume that all married couples want to have kids).  I’ve only crossed off two of their recommendations so far, Tanzania  and Mykenos.  The other places that the nest recommends when it comes to exploring before babies arrive are: Talkeeta Alaska (never heard of it but I’ll take their word for it), Queenstown New Zealand, Siem Reap Cambodia, and Jose Ignacio Uruguay.

Next stop on my list?  I’m traveling to the world-wide web so that I can unsubscribe from this website and stop torturing myself of all the things that I “have” to do!


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