Birthday Gratitude

Today is my 37th birthday, and this one holds a lot of wishes; perhaps more than any other year. Although our society seems to be obsessed with finding ways not to age (think if Ponce De Leon was here he would be putting on eye cream every night?), I myself have a completely different way of looking at age these days. There is nothing that I want more than to be able to celebrate my birthday; it means that I am here, 1 year older, and alive. “I am 37!” I want to shout from the rooftops. I know somebody who didn’t want to celebrate her 40th birthday recently, and I have to say, I was almost insulted. People with cancer would never turn their cheek at being another year older or having people want to celebrate such a happy occasion with them.

So I celebrate. I celebrate the fact that thank g-d my ablation surgery went well. I celebrate that despite the fact that I am in a great deal of physical pain this week while recovering, I am surrounded by my loving family and friends who want to celebrate with me. The physical pain is just something to get through, and I’ll gladly get through it if it means that the surgery was a success. I celebrate that I am alive, that I am happy, that although there is no cure, there are treatment options for me. I celebrate life, and in turn, the gratitude that I so want to express comes back to me like a boomerang– my gratitude seems to expand my universe into even more prayers, love, and support. Positive energy creates positive energy.

So what exactly are my wishes for my birthday? I can’t say or they wouldn’t come true. But I will just say that finding a gray hair (or two), or celebrating being another year older doesn’t faze me, it just makes me feel alive. And that’s never a bad thing. So yes, this birthday is filled with lots of birthday wishes, but it’s also filled with a lot of birthday gratitude, including my thanks for all of you. xoxo


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