Dear Diary

As some of you know, I am committed to doing the Self Magazine 7-day “detox,” beginning this morning. The detox really means no meat, and eating more “clean” foods. I decided that I wanted to give it a try with the goal being that hopefully I will be fueling my body well getting my protein from a more plant-based diet, rather than eating a lot of animal protein (I’m looking to reduce any inflammation, boost immunity, and still gets lots of great stuff for my body like antioxidants and fiber. Curiously enough, if I ate a big bowl of pomegranate ice cream, could I get my antioxidants that way? Hmmmm. But seriously, this is just one component that I am trying on for size as part of the KACP. Am I going to stop eating meat forever? Probably not. Everything in moderation). Here I will chronicle how the week goes (as I’m anticipating by day 3 wanting to chuck it all for a nice, big, juicy steak). OK, I made my smoothie bed, now I need to lie (or drown) in it. And by me blogging about this, it means that I have to actually keep it up, right?

Dear Diary,
Day 1. My blueberry protein smoothie for breakfast tastes funny (is it the Greek yogurt that has made it too tangy? Or is that I really only prefer blueberries in a nice big muffin with a crunchy and sugary top?), and has already stained my shirt as I scraped it’s thick contents from the blender. I am hungry.

Tonight for dinner: Veggie burgers w/ a cabbage-slaw, avocado, and a whole wheat bun. I can only hope that this will be better than the smoothie.

Hungry Girl

Dear Diary,
Is it really still day 1? It feels like forever since I’ve had a hamburger. Thankfully, the veggie burger with cabbage-slaw and avocado was actually really yummy. (And when I said “veggie burgers” in my first entry, that must have been a slip of the wrist: It’s just 1.veggie.burger). Lesson # 1: when you put lots and lots of “slaw” and avocado on anything, you can make it not taste how it would probably taste without it (I can only imagine). The shredded carrots was a nice touch, thanks Self magazine. Now what?

No sides or dessert? #still hungry #guessiwillgoworkout
Veggie burger


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