Gracias, Self Magazine!

Dear Diary,
Day 2. My car came so close this morning to swinging by the Panera across the street from where I work. Mmmm… An everything bagel for breakfast, toasted with veggie cream cheese and an iced cafe latte with soy milk and Stevia… I don’t eat that way unless it’s a special treat, but for some reason being on this detox has made me crave the things that I know I can’t– or shouldn’t– have, detox or no detox (I do miss iced coffee but think that will be back in the mix, at least a little bit, next week. However I gave up cafe latte’s last year). Thankfully this morning’s smoothie was a lot better than yesterday’s; a frozen banana, almond milk, almond butter, all natural cocoa, vanilla extract, chia seeds, and some shredded unsweetened coconut on top. I was still hungry for lunch, but not quite as much as the blueberry protein smoothie fiasco yesterday (and by fiasco I mean it staining my shirt– which thankfully I got out– not being able to finish it because of, well the taste, and then craving a big honkin’ blueberry muffin after the fact). Tonight for dinner? Veggie tacos. You all know how much I love my Mexican food! And while this wasn’t dripping with cheese or enchilada sauce, the spices (garlic powder, cumin, and chili powder) gave the beans and veggies a really nice kick. Ole!

Maybe I really can do this


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