A Java-Less Thursday

Day 3. What I wouldn’t do for the Cheesecake Factory’s Thai chicken pasta (even though they have cruelly taken it off of their menu). All these salty cashew snacks are doing for me is making me thirsty. I had to forgo the smoothie this morning; I am all smoothied out. (And “silken tofu” makes me think of a spider-web. No thanks). Instead I opted for toasted Ezekiel bread with almond butter (and jelly, which I found out after the fact has some high-fructose corn sugar in it, woops!). I used to like almond butter. Now I’d just kill for a real fluffer-nutter sandwich w/ really thick peanut butter, ooey gooey marshmallow fluff, and soft white bread. Again, not something that I would eat even not on this detox, but this thing has me wanting the decadent…

Lunch should be better. I’m going off of the grid with some tuna and celery and onions. Not on their meal plan, but their Mason jar kale salad was just not going to cut it. It’s so gorgeous out right now, it seems to call for a nice, tall iced coffee… Must.Keep.Strong. What’s so wrong with caffeine anyway? I thought I read that coffee beans were good for the brain.


Going to fall asleep at my desk


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