Sweet potato… Brownies?

Dear Diary,
Still day 3. Nachos for dinner? Really? Are you sure that I’m not cheating? But nope, it was on the menu. The trick is that I used multigrain chips with flax seeds, and bulked it up with refried pinto beans. However, it calls for just 1/4 cup of cheese. Have you ever tried to use just a 1/4 of cheese, on anything? It’s like a little sprinkle of deliciousness, leaving you wanting more. But all in all, a pretty great dinner, especially with some Amy’s pineapple salsa… Now let’s just hope that I’m not hungry in 20 minutes. Maybe I could get used to this no meat thing, if it meant that I could eat nachos… But next time, I would add some veggies to it for sure.

I found a cool website last night mentioned in Self magazine called Deliciously Ella. I say “cool” because the owner of the website (and the app, and the cookbook) seems “chic” and trendy and takes beautiful photographs of what looks like amazingly delicious (and healthy) food. It’s basically all plant-based and was founded after she re-worked her whole diet when she got an illness, and now says that she feels so much better. She even sounds cool in her videos, because she’s got that great English accent (oh, and she looks like a model. Is it easier to get your own beautiful website, app and cookbook when you look like Gisele? That’s a question for another time). Check it out here: http://deliciouslyella.com/

However, what I’d really love to know, diary, is how can brownies really taste so good that you’d want to lick the bowl (as she says), when they are made with sweet potatoes? And dates? And buckwheat? (And there’s only 4 other ingredients in the whole thing– maple syrup or agave, cacao powder, ground almonds, and salt). I can just hear my chocolate-loving cousin gagging right now. Is it really just as creamy and delicious as real chocolate brownies? Or is she the kind of gal that finds immense joy in the sweetness of fruits and certain veggies? ‘Cause I’m not really that kind of person. I think that my next experiment may be to make these brownies, just to report back to you all and expose the fact that they were in fact gross, and should not be called brownies. Stay tuned.

Your plant-based dessert private investigator


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