Staying the course

Dear Diary,
Day 4, and I’ve hung my hopes high on this new Siggy Icelandic yogurt that my Dana Farber nutritionist told me about. Truth be told I had planned on making a kale/cucumber/carrot/strawberry/banana/chia seeds smoothie this morning for breakfast, but I chose to hit the snooze button instead (and I’d do it all over again, except this time, I’d actually hit snooze, instead of “off” by accident!).

So running out the door, I decided that I’d once again have to go off the grid with my choice of meals. The dinners have been great, but I’ve been struggling to follow the breakfast and lunch ideas from the meal plan. So I grabbed the Siggy vanilla yogurt out of the fridge and cracked it open once I got to work, to find that it’s an “interesting” taste… It’s a very thick consistency. It’s made with good ingredients: skim milk used from farmers who do not use any growth hormones, organic agave nectar, Madagascar bourbon vanilla, and live active cultures. Maybe it’s too natural for me, because it’s taking some getting used to. The sad thing is, it probably tastes so different to me because I was used to eating things with artificial sweeteners in them for so long, and now consuming products made without any aspartame, while I know is better for me, is an adjustment.

I’m also adding in about ¼ cup of granola, which I don’t usually eat because of the high sugar content, but hey, it’s certainly better than the Pumpkin munchkins that my co-workers keep bringing into the office! (I’m staying strong—at least for today!).

Still thinking about those brownies


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