2 days to go!

Dear Diary,
Day 5. The detox is, quite frankly, getting old. I miss coffee and chocolate (interestingly enough, I don’t miss meat at all, except when I think about a Fenway Frank). Actually, I miss more the freedom to be able to decide when I want to indulge in those things, as I don’t eat chocolate or drink coffee all of the time. It usually takes me some time to get going in the morning and feel like eating, so this morning I puttered around the house for a while (after being able to sleep in on a Saturday for the first time in a month), paid some bills, and then did my detox workout– 45 minutes of cardio with the additional “tone-up” moves that they suggest. SHL has gone back to his fall schedule, which means that I have more time to focus on my healthy eating and workouts (although I would much rather have him home and be out right now gallivanting around town with him. After the fun summer that we just had, this will really be another adjustment for me again). By the time I was done with my workout my tummy was rumbling, and I thought about my options: eggs with veggies, a smoothie with kale, yogurt with granola. But it was almost noon by this point and I was too hungry to even think about washing any fruits and vegetables and didn’t want the sugar of yogurt and granola, so I heated up an Amy’s frozen meal. (I know, I messed up the cardinal rule of “always eat breakfast”). Again, not on the detox plan, but I think the point is just to be eating well-balanced meals without meat. Mission accomplished. I also want to eat light today because we are going to the Red Sox game tonight, and I have a feeling that I won’t be having a salad for dinner!

Is it day # 7 yet?


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