A breakfast conundrum solved?

What a Monday, dear readers. I had my annual appointment with my eye surgeon in Boston this morning, and while these were never, ever easy appointments in the past, they’re weighed a lot more heavily now. Thank g-d everything in my eye today looks good. We were there for about 3 hours while they put multiple drops in both of my eyes, checked the pressure in each eye, and then had me look at the eye chart (I could only see 2 letters out of my left eye, but thankfully my right eye is a little bit better than 20/20), and had the fellow take a look at me before my surgeon came in. While he’s not known for the best bedside manner, I’ve learned that it’s not necessary– he’s the best in the world (in my humble opinion) to go to for ocular melanoma. If he looks at my eye and tells me that he’ll see me in a year, then I feel good about that. (I also have pictures and an ultrasound taken of my eye every time, they’re very thorough, and I have to keep using my eyedrops).

3 hours later + a trip to Whole Foods, I came out simply exhausted. I spent about an hour and a half on the couch just completely zoning out (I could barely tell you what was on the TV), and then decided that I would play around in the kitchen a little bit.

I started out with these “clean egg muffins” that I saw on Pinterest. You can get the recipe here: http://www.oxygenmag.com/clean-egg-muffins/

What I love about these is that they could possibly save me my breakfast headaches in the morning– what to have? Do I have time for eggs? Usually not, unless it’s the weekend. I’m getting sick of yogurt and fruit, let’s face it, doesn’t make me want to jump out of bed. And it takes me a while to get going in the morning and feel like eating, so I usually need something pretty easily transportable to take with me to work (sound familiar?). I love these because they’re filled with veggies (and since I just had my cholesterol checked and thankfully it’s great, I don’t really worry about eating eggs– organic by the way–) and should stick with me for a while because of the protein. The recipe makes about 12 at a time. This is what they look like all packed up and ready to put in the fridge, good for up to a week (they can also be stored in the freezer, fyi):
clean egg muffins

Still excited about the possibilities for breakfast, I moved on to another pinterest recipe called Chia Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies. This is what the batter looks like:
chia oatmeal cookie

And here is the link to the recipe: http://www.eatingbirdfood.com/2013/07/chia-oatmeal-breakfast-cookies/

Now let me say this: It’s probably not the best to have a “cookie” of any kind for breakfast, but I think that it’s a good transition from craving sweet things and reaching for something that you know you’ll regret later, to having those cravings satisfied with much healthier ingredients (chia seeds, almond milk, bananas, dates, oatmeal, shredded unsweetened coconut, etc.). By the way, if you check out the recipe and see that it says a “pinch” of cinnamon, I used about 2 pinches, because I absolutely adore cinnamon. I also didn’t have any dark chocolate chunks/chips or carob chips in my pantry, so I used the Enjoy Life mini-chips that are dairy, nut, and soy free (and pretty delicious). Here they are, going into the oven:
batter chia oatmeal cookie

The batter was good, so I was hopeful that the cookies too would be tasty, and they didn’t disappoint. I would say, however, that if you’re trying to curb your sweet tooth, starting out with something like this in the morning may not be your best bet, because they say that sweet morning treats then set you up for cravings during the rest of the day. I may or may not have one for breakfast occasionally, or I may also dabble with when I have one during the day (as a snack? The oatmeal, chia seeds, and almond butter would probably be a nice protein boost, maybe even as a pre-workout quick snack), or a little treat after dinner when you want something sweet.

Goodnight dear readers, sleep sweet. xoxo

oatmeal chia cookies


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