Heart, Mind, and Soul

“Change your mind, change your life.”  — Gabby Bernstein.

On Friday night, January 30th, I had the exquisite opportunity (gratitude!) to be in the presence of both Kris Carr and Gabby Bernstein for a night called Crazy, Sexy, Miracles.  It seemed that the universe heard my call for connecting more with my true self, and in the crazy (good) way that the world works, it “just so happened” that I was going to be in NYC the same night that they were having this event at the 92nd Street Y. (I’m beginning to think that it was a little bit more than that.  All I know is, that is where I was supposed to be that night).

I brought my Mom with me.  I was excited to share the experience with her, but I was also a little hesitant.  While my Mom fully supports anything that I do (especially when it makes me happy), she is a pretty pragmatic person who has never meditated or been very into the self-help type of “stuff.”  Thankfully she was more than happy to join me and said that she would go with an open mind, and I was thrilled to hear her chuckle at the funny parts while sitting beside me, and whenever I snuck a glance at her, she seemed to be truly engrossed in the evening.  Afterwards she told me that she thought that both Kris and Gabby were very “sharp,” intelligent, and wise; that they clearly had a loving message to send to others. It made my heart soar to finally be able to share my love of Kris with my Mom.  And seeing Gabby speak for the very first time was so powerful– she is so present, so grounded, so spiritual.  It was a true intimate evening and it felt as though we were just sitting around the kitchen table with a cup of coffee (or in their case, green tea) and chatting about our self-perceptions, our “shit-tastic days” and our ability to lift ourselves up and make great things happen.

The Q&A was a pure testament to just how quick-witted and smart these two young women are.  Many people (mostly young women) got up and talked about their journeys, whether it was cancer or starting a new business or trying to find “the one.”  They were emotional, talked about their tears and their triumphs, and when they asked questions, Gabby and Kris didn’t blink, despite the fact that they had no time to prepare for whatever tough life situations people were going to be throwing their way. It was quite clear that they have not only the life experience but also the genuine goodness and the tools to be able to help guide people towards shifting whatever it is in their life that they’re craving a shift in.  It’s not about changing who you are, it’s about changing how you see things, when what you see (or feel) holds you back.  It’s about seeing things in a new light that can open your life up to a whole new world of possibilities.  When they tell me (albeit me and 300 other women) that I can do anything, I believe them.

You may be wondering about the title:  Crazy, Sexy, Miracles.  It’s a combination of Kris Carr’s crazy-sexy cancer journey/books/movie, and Gabby’s books about miracles. You probably haven’t heard me mention Gabrielle Bernstein much; one of the reasons why is because the word “Miracles” is in a few of the titles of her books (one a NY Times bestseller).  I just didn’t know what to make of this.  I kept thinking about a burning bush and g-d speaking directly to me.  If I read this book, (May Cause Miracles), would something “miraculous” happen, like the parting of the red sea?  (That would be pretty cool, I thought.  I’m up for that).  But what if it didn’t?  What if I read the book and was somehow disappointed because I didn’t see a sign or feel spiritually fulfilled or “get it?” After all, I’m pretty new to this way of thinking.   I wondered if Gabby’s work would be religious or so spiritual that it would be over my head. I wish I could tell you what it was that finally sparked inside of me that made me pick up the book, but I can’t.  The only thing I can say is that I was ready to read it.

Once I cracked open the book, I realized exactly what she means by the word “miracles,” by shifting our perceptions to create these miracles.  In this case, I think it means change.  Releasing fear. Understanding how things like holding a grudge or saying icky things to your body can hold you back from true abundance, joy, love, and good health.  That inviting more of those loving thoughts into your life can create a miracle– and that miracle may just be changing the way that you see yourself, changing how you feel about yourself, and as such, changing the opportunities that come into your life. We talk about these things and we hear the words “self-acceptance” and “abundance” and “joy,” but are we really living it? Can shifting our thoughts create something grand in our lives?  And with those self-loving thoughts, what actions can we put into place to live happier and healthier lives?  (Thoughts are great, but then we need to get clear on what we want, and how to get it, right?). We can look at life either through a fearful lens, or a loving lens.  (Take a moment here to stop and think about how you look at the world.  I’ve mostly looked at it through a fearful lens, especially after all of the traumatic things that have happened to me, but I am trying to see things now with more compassion and love– towards others, the world, and perhaps most importantly, myself).

If I could spend every Friday night with Kris and Gabby, I would.  For now (until we become friends and hit the speaking circuit together) I’ll devour their books, their podcasts, their inspiration.  I’ll believe that I can do anything.  I’ll carry them with me in my heart, my mind and my soul.  Until we meet again.  xo.




One thought on “Heart, Mind, and Soul

  1. Kris is the first person I found online back in 2011 who is a cancer “thriver”. I was going through cancer treatment at the time and was looking for other survivors to see what they were doing to stay alive. I never found any with my type but I resonated with her writing so much I chose to do exactly what she did. I am still vegan, meditate daily, write about my journey and stay positive. I would have liked seeing her. I don’t know much about Gabby except she seems up beat as well.

    There is so much negative stuff going on in the world, its nice to connect with positive people. Its also important to pay it forward and be a “light” for others who face life threatening illnesses. Be well!


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