How a Feather Found Me

“It is commonly thought in most cultures that feathers are symbols of higher thought, spiritual progression.  The line of thought here is that birds were considered divine creatures in primitive/ancient cultures because they are creatures of the sky (heaven) and therefore closer to G-d…Dreaming of feathers in our midst is typically symbolic of wanting to achieve a higher goal, or overcome a challenge.  It is also a reminder from our psyche that we are always connected to our higher source, and that our own divinity is undeniable.” — Symbolic Meanings by Avia.

Lots of my family and friends out there have been asking me lately what’s with the feathers.  I’ll get to that.  But many of you also ask where I find my health, wellness, and spiritual inspiration from.  A lot of it of course comes from you, our relationships, my own personal thoughts and beliefs on health and wellness, music, love (romantic, familial, friendships), as well as places that I adore and go to in my mind when I need an escape like the beach or the exquisite landscapes in Europe.

Some of it comes from books.  I had a gift certificate to B&N recently and was excited to do one of my favorite things; I went to the store with nothing else pressing to do and just browsed. I came upon a great book on juicing from Pressed Juicery (out in California, but they do sell their juices and products online as well:, which then led me to The Chalkboard Mag which the founders of Pressed Juicery started, and  I am now totally addicted to this website! ( There are tons of interesting articles on juicing, exercising, nutrition, holistic healing, style, the mind/body connection… you get the idea!

I’m also in love with beauty and comfort, always have been, but I think now even more so.  I’m not talking about the outside beauty of a person, but the inside beauty of those around me.  And I am always striving to make my environment more serene and calm; you know that I love soft clothes, bright jewelry, and unique home item stores that make you want to wrap yourself up in one of their pretty blankets, grab a meditation pillow, and just live there.  Recently while in NYC we went to ABC Carpet and Home ( which is the epitome of beauty and comfort; it was truly fabulous. Kind of like Anthropologie (which used to be my favorite store until now) on steroids!

ABC Carpet and HomeBooksLook at what was at ABC Carpet and Home the day after my Mom and I attended the Crazy, Sexy, Miracle Event!

We ate at ABC Kitchen first ( and can I just say that if I lived in New York it would be dangerous?  For you foodies out there, this is a Jean-Georges restaurant and you ooh and ahh over everything from the food to the drinks to the chandeliers to the tableware.  I tried my first ever beet juice (which did take some getting used to), but the pizza with dates and formaggio and the veggie burger with a yogurt mint dressing was just out of this world!  Afterwards we spent hours perusing the store, and I got a lot of inspiration for the meditation nook that I want to create in my sun room at home, plus a beautiful gold feather necklace.

Why a feather, you may be wondering?  Well, I’m excited to share this story with you.

As I’ve been reading Gabby Bernstein’s book “May Cause Miracles,” I’ve also been listening to some of her podcasts and watching some of her videos online. One podcast in particular resonated with me:  She told a story about looking for a home to purchase in the city (NYC) with her husband.  They looked all over Manhattan and Brooklyn for months; everything either wasn’t quite right, or was too expensive, or would get swooped up quickly, before they could even put an offer in.  It started to affect her mood.  She became frustrated, and instead of feeling joyful and excited at the prospect of buying a new home with her hubby, she came to dread these real-estate outings.

One day, as she was meditating and asking for guidance, a thought came to her; to open herself up to think more creatively about this situation.  Though the pair had always wanted to buy a house outside of the city in a quiet landscape, they had planned on doing that “someday,” and not spending the bulk of their money on that kind of thing at this point in their lives, but on a more permanent home in the city.  She mentioned her intuition to her husband who said for fun that perhaps they should just look online at the kind of house that they had really planned on buying in the future.  Immediately they found something of interest, called their real estate agent, and went out to look at it.   Right beforehand  she called her friend and told her about the mountain house that they had found online, and how her intuition had guided her towards perhaps choosing something different than she and her husband had previously envisioned (I love the thought of meditating and getting quiet enough to hear creative solutions).  They talked about feeling guided by the universe when grappling with a tough decision and they talked about signs (stay with me here). Her friend mentioned that her own sign was the dragonfly, and she looked for it when she felt that she needed confirmation that her intuition was leading her down a positive path.

So Gabby and her husband went to see this beautiful mountain home and immediately when she walked in, she saw a dragonfly on the cover of a CD case.  But it wasn’t her own sign, which she had manifested or “co-created” with the universe into an owl.  Still, the home felt right.  While she was scared of making the “wrong” decision, they each felt so at home in this beautiful house.  She stepped outside still feeling a little bit unsure, but no sooner had she walked out that she saw a car drive by with a bumper sticker of an owl on it.

I didn’t know it at the time, but that story would stay with me. Though I didn’t intend to necessarily find my own sign, a few days later I was meditating.  While I was not thinking of this story or signs, all of a sudden a feather came to me in my thoughts.  In my mind the feather drifted down from an unforeseen place and stayed with me. It was beautiful and felt peaceful. “Huh,” I thought.  “I wonder what that’s all about.”  I was in the middle of a meditation and honestly didn’t give it too much thought.

Very soon after that when my Mom and I were at ABC Carpet waiting for my cousins to arrive so that we could begin our girl’s weekend together, we had leisurely walked throughout the store admiring their gems before eating brunch there.  Afterwards we went back to the store and just as my Mom was paying for a pair of earrings and we were on our way out, I turned around to face a cabinet that I had already walked by.  Only this time, a beautiful gold feather necklace sitting there gracefully in the cabinet caught my eye.  I gasped, without even quite knowing why, at first.  And then I remembered:  The feather in my thoughts.

I got a tingle and told my Mom and my cousins the story, and my Mom bought the feather necklace for me.  Later that night, while at dinner, my Mom who was sitting right beside me looked over at me and said quietly, “You have a feather sitting on your shoulder.”  Sure enough, there was a beautiful little gray and white feather perched on my sweater.

Now I know what a lot of you are saying, because if I had heard this story a year or two ago I would have said the exact same thing:  A sign?  Isn’t that just a way of you trying to talk yourself into something?  Or releasing any responsibility for listening to your own gut/intuition and making decisions?  And what if you don’t see a “sign?”  Does that mean that something is “wrong?”

I don’t think that Gabby would necessarily say that we’re crazy for questioning how this works.  She may say that if you ask for or look for a sign and don’t see it, that just means that you’re being guided in a different direction.  I think that those of us that look for spiritual guidance find comfort in knowing that the universe is listening, in some shape or form.  Now that I am on a more spiritual path I can’t say that I leave everything up to signs when I make my decisions, but I do find comfort in knowing that there are possibilities in the world outside of what I can even imagine.  That’s all that I really know now, but it’s enough.

I’m not going to pretend like I have it all figured out, because I’m still trying to wrap my head around it as well, but when I read the above quote about feathers and spiritual progression and overcoming challenges, I literally got goosebumps.  I’m not going to say that sure as anything I believe that if Gabby hadn’t seen that owl bumper sticker, that house wouldn’t have been the one for her and her husband.  But for the first time in my life I’m trying to get clear with G-d and the universe about what I want, and anything that brings peace and comfort is surely something to hold on to.


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