Three Glorious Words + My New Favorite Gadget

I have three words for you:  Almond.Butter.Fudge.  Oh, did I mention that they’re three glorious words?  When you try to eat healthy, you often times feel like you need to completely give up your sweet tooth.  But I am here to tell you that it’s just not true. Don’t believe it!  But instead of diving into that cookie dough batter with tons of flour, sugar, and butter, try these instead.  Just four (yes, four!) ingredients.  So easy to make (and if you don’t have cocao powder on hand, I highly recommend the trip to Whole Foods to get some. It gives you that chocolate pop of flavor without the sugar).

I have been following Deliciously Ella since she was mentioned in Self Magazine maybe a year ago?  Since then she has sprung up everywhere:  The cover of magazines, Instgram, Facebook, and now she has her very own cookbook!  I don’t remember how I found this recipe, but actually it’s Oprah recommended (i.e. once Oprah touches it, you are turned to gold).  And this is gold.  It’s “Gold Jerry, Gold!”

Can I tell you all a secret, though?  I know that I’m supposed to be totally on the almond butter bandwagon, and I am, to a certain extent.  I love it in smoothies and sweet desserts and the like.  But my real love affair is with peanut butter.  So when the recipe called for 1/4 cup of almond butter + two tablespoons, the first time I made it I tried the batter and decided that it was almost too almondy-buttery for me, so I added in a little peanut butter.  Now if you could smell my kitchen right now, you’d know that I’m making another batch to freeze, only this time, I added 1/4 cup of almond butter and simply added the two tablespoons of peanut butter instead!

It really has the consistency of fudge, but without all of that extra nonsense.  Now this is still a dessert, so I wouldn’t recommend eating the whole batch at once (oops), but freeze it and cut it into bars and viola, a perfect sweet treat when you need one!

Now, on to the Fitbit info that I promised you. ( You may be drooling over the Apple Watch (though I don’t quite get it: $500?!), but I had wanted a Fitbit for quite some time, so my birthday seemed like the perfect time to hint. Unfortunately it was on back order for weeks (other than the black color, which seemed a bit too masculine for me).  Fortunately it arrived in the plum color, fit well, and I love it!  I got the HR Charge ( because I thought that making sure that my heart rate is OK while resting and exercising was important. So far, I love it.  It’s totally comfortable on my wrist (I wear it on my dominant hand) and I can sleep with it and not even remember that I’m wearing it.  It tracks my steps (making 10,000 steps a day is harder than it seems; so far the most that I’ve gotten is almost 8,000, and that even includes a day that I worked out!), calories burned, heart rate, how many flights of stairs I’ve climbed, etc.  It even vibrates a little bit if a call is coming into my cell phone!  So if I don’t have my phone on hand I can just look at the FitBit and the number of whoever is calling me will appear across my screen.

It also syncs to my iPhone so in the morning I can look up and see how I slept that night; how many hours, when I fell asleep, how many times a night I was awake or restless.  I haven’t been sleeping well lately so it’s been interesting to see how often I’m restless and at what times.  I think that for people with real sleep difficulties it could prove quite useful and give you more information to go on if you need to see your doctor before a sleep study.  What I like the most is that I’m more conscious of how many steps I take now, so if I see an opportunity to climb the stairs instead of take an elevator, I may be more inclined to do that instead (and you can sync up with friends to motivate each other!).

So there you have it kids:  Almond butter fudge and a Fit Bit.  Delicious indeed.  xo.


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