No Sugar? No Cakewalk

Day 2. My co-worker will not stop talking about Cake Boss. She even went so far as to show me pictures of their cakes online. Torturous.  No sugar so far, and it’s 11:33am. Thankfully I woke up this morning to the delightful smell of eggs and found SHL in the kitchen taking muffin tins out of the oven filled with eggs and veggies. (Healthy) Breakfast on the go, hooray!

Sean doesn’t need a recipe, but some do (ahem, me)… So here’s one for you. You can never go wrong with Bon Appetit!

It’s almost 1pm now. Excited for that cake. I mean, walk.

3pm. Why didn’t the outing today during lunch refresh me as much as it did yesterday? I was happy to see a bunny rabbit just chillin’ on a person’s lawn and a cat that reminded me so much of our Teddy Bear walked right over to me and rubbed up against my leg. It’s another gorgeous day here in New England. But still, when I passed by the 7/11 on the way back to the office I was drooling at the thought of an iced coffee, but what they sell in there all has so much sugar already dumped into it, so I decided to sip water at my desk instead (not quite the same)…

Researching recipes online. Oh, Julia Child’s chocolate mousse? I look at the ingredients. I don’t have any dark rum but I’m sure that I could get some. Wait, WHAT AM I DOING?! Chocolate mousse = sugar. Sigh. I’m not going totally sugar-free right now (fruit in my smoothies, raisins in my trail mix, etc.) but I can’t find any nutritional value in the chocolate mouse and if you tell me that chocolate is good for me I will just laugh (is carrot cake healthy too?!), since we both know that it is accompanied by other things that will only make me feel more sluggish.

Did I mention that I’m tired? Going for a walk tonight after work with a friend instead of the usual sit-down dinner.   I like this idea; we get to catch up and chat while checking out a new walking trail in the area. I wonder if there will be breadcrumbs made out of gum-drops for us to follow…


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