Creating Our Own Days

I broke a glass mason jar this morning. A favorite one, too, that I brought back from Maryland when my brother and I walked to the juice store nearby his house. Bummer. “Great way to start a Monday,” was the thought that immediately popped into my head, until I quickly reframed it to: “Just because this was the start to the day doesn’t mean that today will be any less awesome.” I found myself anxious to get to work on time after cleaning up all of that broken glass, even though I knew that I’d be there at least five minutes early, and I set my intention to “better manage my anxiety.” Too negative and too vague, I decided. I tried again: “I will have a peaceful day.”

Sure there are lots of times when I want to scream into a pillow because there’s broken glass everywhere, my cats are itching to get into the room with their sweet little paws and I’m running late so can’t make my smoothie for breakfast. Oh, and did I mention that it’s a Monday? This surely could have been one of those mornings, and sometimes you’ve just got to be pissed. But today didn’t feel like one of those days; I wanted to start my week off feeling calmer, and I felt that I actually had more control over that than I had ever realized in the past. That in itself, just being able to shift my thoughts about the day (especially when anxiety hits) felt pretty awesome.

(Plus I’m coming down from such a great weekend with my camp friends spent in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  Those of you who have attended overnight camp or have kids who do understand just how special these relationships are– some of these girls I’ve known since I was 10 years old!  We laughed and drank grapefruit-tinis (sooo good) and shopped and ate and dug our forks into boxes of bakery deliciousness while we sat in our pj’s and gabbed.  We shared a suite and congregated in the sitting room like we did in our chugs at CTN and brushed our teeth together, just like the old days!).

Camp Friends in NH


But I digress (totally worth it).  What I really wanted to talk about today is anxiety, because I’ve got loads of it.  I was recently told by a practitioner on my team that my exercise routine is great, but in order to be able to better deal with this anxiety (if I don’t want to rely on meds), I should try to exercise Say what?! That seems totally overwhelming to me, especially with how busy and taxing work is and how much I love to do other things (like watch Real Housewives on the couch), but I relaxed a little bit when they suggested that I just start with taking a walk during lunch just to get some Vitamin D. I left my phone in the office and did just that today. I heard the wind chimes and watched the leaves travel with the wind from lawn to lawn in all their golden autumn glory. I’m not sure what I’ll do when it gets really cold here, but for now, it really helps my afternoon in the office to feel more manageable and I feel less sluggish the rest of the day. And I do love my arc trainer at home (it’s hard to make excuses not to work out when you’re lucky enough to have your gym in your basement!).

I’m also feeling excited; I got a notification from Amazon that the new Kris Carr book that I pre-ordered months ago will be here tomorrow, yay! Not only does it have new juice recipes, but I’ve read that it has tons and tons of blending and nut milk recipes, too. I’m psyched because I’ve definitely been gravitating towards smoothies more lately. I’m thinking of doing a “Julie and Julia” type of thing where I try a new smoothie or juice from Kris’s book every day. I know that there will be some that just won’t appeal to me (I substitute spinach for kale)—I hate beets and though I like ginger in small doses in certain situations (ginger ale, pumpkin cake), I can’t stand it in a juice or a smoothie. This will end up being about creativity and determination/motivation to stick with the breakfast routines that I know will make me feel better about my health and my day.

Mornings are tough because if you’ve ever lived with me (hey roomies!) you can attest to the fact that it takes me a good hour before I can even get a coherent sentence out, let alone drink water with lemon, juice, exercise, meditate, and then get to work. Um, yeah… I’m working on all of this. In the meantime, I try to incorporate those other tasty and balanced self-care treats throughout the day (5 minute meditation and 10 minute walk during lunch today), and even into the early evening.

I can’t wait to crack open her new book and tell you guys all about it! Or, get it here:

Cheers to green goodness, Vitamin D, and creating our own days,

Sam xoxo.


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