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Do you crave a more authentic life?  Are you living with a chronic illness, wondering how to communicate effectively with your doctors or even your family and friends about what you need?  Do you have self-care outlets that keep you grounded?  How do you see the world; Black and white, or with colors splashed across the canvas?  Or perhaps just a little bit of gray?  How do you want to see the world?

If you weren’t scared of anything, how would your life be different?

What does Samantha know about any of this?

Diagnosed at the age of 28 with ocular melanoma, Samantha was treated with surgery and radiation and continued on with her single life in New York City.  Fast forward almost 8 years later; Sam (as most call her) is married, living in Boston, just closing on a house, and trying to start a family.  This is when she learns that her cancer, almost 8 years later, has spread and she is diagnosed with a Stage IV cancer– liver melanoma.  She is 36 years old.

Just a few months before this diagnosis, after over a year of trying to get pregnant with various procedures (including IVF), Samantha becomes pregnant but then has a miscarriage and needs 2 D&C’s to get her hormone levels back.  Having eggs frozen, she begins immunotherapy treatment and since then, has had three surgeries and is now back in immunotherapy treatment again for more tumors in her liver.

Years before that she is a pedestrian standing on a sidewalk in NYC and is hit by a car, enduring shoulder surgery and months of physical therapy.

Samantha has contributed articles about cancer, health and wellness, compassionate care and advocacy between doctors and patients, spirituality, finding joy even in the tough times, and fueling an authentic life to: Tiny Buddha (With over 4 million page views per month and more than 2 million monthly visitors, the site continues to attract new readers and subscribers), The Cancer Hope Network, The Mighty and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Blog.  

She has been interviewed for and quoted here:

Self Magazine Online/Seeking Happily Ever After



Health.Com article Living Through Cancer:


Interviewed for the documentary Seeking Happily Ever After by Michelle Cove:


Samantha has spoken at:

The Schwartz’s Center for Compassionate Care panel on Balancing Knowledge with Hope: “The Long and Windy Road.” Miriam Hospital, Rhode Island

The Jimmy Fund’s Keynote Speaker at the New Tournament Event Celebration (Fundraising).

Samantha’s topics include:

  • Living your best life while facing extreme challenges
  • How to identify obstacles that can lead you on the path to happiness
  • Finding spiritual outlets and self-care that can rock your world
  • How gratitude can change your attitude
  • Identifying feelings and processing them in healthy ways to begin the healing process
  • Advocating for yourself in the medical world
  • Effective communication with doctors and medical staff
  • How to talk to family and friends about your diagnosis
  • How to talk to work about your diagnosis
  • Fundraising


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