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Lots of you out there (hi world!) have been asking me where I find my health and wellness inspiration.  So I thought that I’d share some of my favorite people, websites, and apps that make me feel more in-tune with the mind/body connection.  These are just some of the guides that make me feel happy, and I hope that they will do the same for you!

There have been many that I’ve looked to over the last year + for inspiration on living a healthier and more joyful life.  I’d like to share with you some of the people who have made a real difference in my life.  I’ll come back from time to time to update the list as I continue to expand my knowledge and passion for helping myself yes, but hopefully others as well:

Kris Carr.  Health guru.  All-around gentle, kind, loving, supportive, intelligent soul, committing her life to helping herself and others lead happier and healthier lives. I’ve read her books, I’ve heard her speak, and believe me, she is worth getting to know.  Tell her I sent ya, and I love her.

Gabrielle (Gabby) Bernstein.  A.K.A. “Spirit Junkie.” (Try not to be too scared of the word “spirit.”  I believe that her message(s) are ones that most can relate to). Hailed as our generation’s next “thought-leader,” she has slowly been teaching me that changing my thoughts can change my life.

The Chalkboard.  Originally created by the founders of Pressed Juicery (which is only out in California right now, booo) this website is a wealth of (fun!) knowledge for anybody who is looking to up their game holistically.  I browse through it almost every day for tips and tricks on everything from nutrition, stress-busting, home design, new juice recipes, and the hottest skin-care products.  (I feel like I’m giving away the best gem on the internet –before it gets a rave review from the Times or something–that only I know about, which of course is crazy!).

The Chopra Center Meditation.  A friend turned me on to meditating while I was in limbo waiting for my biopsy results to come back before diagnosed with cancer the second time.  I was a big old pile of anxiety (obviously), and could barely put one foot in front of the other.  Truthfully, looking back at that time, I’m not quite sure how I got out of bed and even went to work, but I do know that meditation at least began to slowly help me feel more grounded in a mind that was just swimming with chaos.  I now try to practice meditation as often as I can, and I love Deepak Chopra’s Transcendental Meditations (TM).  Sign up for his emails and you’ll be offered free 30-day mediations from time to time, but you can also start right now by buying some as well.  I have the app on my phone so that my mediation library is always handy.

Speaking of phones, I recently downloaded the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) “Food Scores” app.  I try not to get too crazy about it, but if I’m new to a food or see something interesting at the store that I’ve never bought before, then I may just tap the product into the search box and see what their opinion is on the item.  For instance, if I type in “organic shredded coconut” and the brand that I buy pops up (you can also scan a bar code as well, big + when you’re out grocery shopping!), it gives me a score of a 4, from 1-10.  It tells me that they’re not concerned about the processing of the product or any artificial ingredients, but that it does have a high level of saturated fat.  I knew this about coconut, and try to eat it in small doses.  Pretty cool.

Have you heard of the Blender Girl?  Another app that I love.  Find your perfect blend, she says! For instance, the app will ask you how you feel, with a drop down menu of options.  Let’s say today I feel “wired and stressed.”  The next question is, “I need…” How about “a healthy boost?”  From there it asks me what I crave, and I choose “Clean and Green.”  One of the recommendations is a “Green Tea-Ni” which I probably never would have been able to concoct myself!  A green tea bag, grapes, mint, pineapple… Well, you get the picture!  Go nuts!

Deliciously Ella.  Forget about her charming British accent and the fact that she looks like she’s never had a peaked day in her life, this girl actually healed herself from a chronic illness changing her diet and her way of life.  (We’re talking couldn’t get out of bed so sick to having a bestseller cookbook).  She’s got some great recipes for things like pesto (without the cheese) and almond butter fudge (one of my personal faves!).  I follow her on Instagram because although I like to see what she’s cooking (or baking up), I also just love her attitude.  She’ll be the first to admit that things on social media often look perfect, when in reality, they’re not.  She’s very real, down to earth, and seems to genuinely want to help people get on a healthier path.  Check her out here!

Geralyn Lucas.  I was beyond excited when I got to meet this author/speaker/all-around amazing breast cancer survivor (and thriver!) recently at a breakfast for just us two!  (Turns out I know her sweet SIL!).  Geralyn is the cool cat who wrote “Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy,” and then recently followed it up with: “Then Came Life: Living with Courage, Spirit and Gratitude After Breast Cancer”.  Geralyn was diagnosed with breast cancer and though are diagnoses and treatments are and have been different, she was also diagnosed in her 20’s and shares her true authentic self in her books.  She is a master at telling stories that make you want to laugh and cry and appreciate how real she is about the good, the bad and the ugly.  I couldn’t put her books down, and more importantly, she is a fantastic person who is spreading the word about early detection which is SAVING LIVES!  Find her beautiful soul here!:


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